Tips to Start Online Business

11 Tips for Starting a Successful Online Business with a Blog

If in a previous article we saw that online business is the best option to start, here we will see the advice that every entrepreneur should have in mind to succeed in an online business with a blog or a website.

Surely they have told you or have heard many times that with the crisis the worst thing you can do is create a business, or that if you do not have a passion or vocation for business and do not know how to sell, you will not get anywhere.

Nobody is born knowing and much less can you be passionate about something you have not come to know.

The crisis is the perfect incentive to start your own online business.

That because?

The answer is simple.

Because the prices of setting up your blog or creating a website with which to start your online business are very low; because, as I wrote in Being unemployed can change your life , get a job and keep it is extremely complicated nowadays; and because the safest and most satisfying option is to set up your own online business with a website or blog.

As for having a passion or vocation for business, there are a few nuances; A vocation is understood when you have it since you were a child or for many, many years, but how many people say that they want to be entrepreneurs or have their own business since they were small?

Almost none. And how many owners of their own business are passionate and happy with what they have managed to undertake?

Many. And transferring it to the topic of online business, I do not know anyone who is not happy and passionate about their blog or website with making money online.

Most of the time the passion for something that comes to us when you discover and get into their world and start to train and find out things about it.

We need to ask ourselves and our friends what we wanted to be when we were little children.

The options were quite limited: footballers, singers, dancers, veterinarians, doctors …

We did not know the full range of possibilities in terms of professions, and from childhood, we were taught that we should be employed to have a prosperous and happy life. We have never been told about starting your own business online.

And in the end, how many of those small children are now what they wanted to be before?

Very few the truth. They discovered their true passion or fell into the trap of choosing a profession to work for others and have a “safe” life at the cost of renouncing their desires.

If you have come this far it is because you want to change your life, you want to start online because you are tired of working for others in something that does not fill you up and you do not want to spend more time without doing what you like, what you love.

Congratulations, you have taken a step that millions of people do not dare to give: follow their dreams. Now it only remains to take action, do not ponder on the idea of ​​changing a life: act.

I’ll give you an example that surely surprises you: Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

Steve Jobs is said to have followed his passion forever and thanks to that he managed to be one of the most successful men in the world.

However, this is not entirely true.

If you have read his biography (you can buy it on Amazon here), you will know that Steve Jobs was not passionate about technology since he was a child. When he was  of 18 years, he entered the University of Reeds to study Dance and History. Surprising, huh?

However, a year after leaving school and went to live with their parents. Was he passionate about that? I doubt it.

Steve Jobs was going through what is very likely to happen to you (it occurred to me too): of course, he liked to dance and history, but he did not know what he was passionate about. He had not discovered his passion.

After spending a few years, he ended up working at Atari, a famous video game company, thanks to an advertisement in the newspaper that said: “Have fun and make money.”

This job left him shortly after and he made a spiritual trip through India although he was already showing that he wanted to make money doing something that he enjoyed.

On the way back, his friend Stephen Wozniak asked Jobs to help him out with a business that had started making terminals. Those were the beginnings of Apple.

As you can see, Steve Jobs did not have a passion from the beginning of undertaking technology and communications.

He was also quite lost with his life, like many people currently.

Working and working Steve Jobs became very good in the world of information technology and communications, and his passion was a product of his interest and all this work.

This is the point I want to reach, on many occasions (most of them) the passion comes after training and work in what interests you and you like it.

Therefore, to start an online business is not necessary to be passionate (you must not hate what you do), but if you like what you do, little by little, you will see how your passion is born and grows.

An entrepreneur is made, not born.

In this summary of the beginnings of Steve Jobs you have been able to see that passion does not come from anything, you have to look for it and that without passion you do not succeed in business.

So now that you know that without passion you cannot succeed and that to discover if you have to dare to try what you like let’s go to the advice that every entrepreneur should know to have a successful online business with a blog or a website.